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Change Confusion: Prepare, Support and Maintain

The latest semi-fictional eBook from the Carnsa Development  Series that covers technology and business subjects.
Get the basics of change management tools, techniques and more. Follow a scenario from the Carnsa family to help you understand the concepts in about an hour.

The latest book from the Carnsa Development Series

The latest children's book

Jax and Sheba get Messy

The first fun story from the Jax and Sheba Series, a  picture book for young children ages 3 upwards. Find out what happens when Jax a floor cleaning robot gets in a mess. A  story that involves dinosaurs, a cat and a robot.

The Carnsa Development Series

Woman with Tablet

Short technical and business guides wrapped in fictional stories designed to learn subjects in about an hour. Inside, find scenarios from the Carnsa family to help you relate to the subject matter.

Fun short children's books

Reading Time

Short illustrated picture books to be read with company or be read alone. For 3 to 5 year olds or for anyone who likes a short funny story.

About the author

Chris has years of experience in technology, training, business and reading fantasy. An author who wants to spread knowledge and a little fun.
For more information about the talented illustrators Chris works to bring stories alive - click here.

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