Stories to learn, share and reflect

Short fun  mostly edutainment stories from Chris Lewis who likes to spread a bit of joy and is not afraid to challenge conceptions. Often aided by the Carnsa family to provide out of work scenarios.

The Carnsa Development Series - technology and business semi-fictional guides

Business Owner in Workshop

Short technical and business guides wrapped in fictional stories designed to learn subjects in about an hour. Inside, find scenarios from the Carnsa family to help you relate to the subject matter.

Fun short children's stories

Father and Son Reading a Book

Short illustrated children's picture books to be read alone or accompanied. For three to five year of age.

Latest semi-fictional guide books


Scaling Confusion: Multiple Agile Teams Working Towards the Same Goal

Explores the concept and application for coordinating multiple teams.

persona confusion 8 AugV2.jpg

Persona Confusion: Prepare, Use and Maintain

This story introduces the concept and application of personas.

About the author

Chris  has years of experience in technology, training, business and reading fantasy. An author who wants to spread knowledge and a little fun. For more information about some  the talented illustrators Chris works to bring stories alive - click here.