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Technology and business guide books

Semi-fictional stories to learn and get you started subjects in about an hour by Chris Lewis. Inside, find scenarios from the Carnsa family led by Claudia, a quiz and other resources to help continue your learning journey.

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The Carnsa family at work!

ESG anchor
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Environmental, Social and Governance Confusion: Report Set Up

The family looked into what would be involved in a Carnsa family ESG report. Join them as they:

  • learn about the benefits of ESG reporting

  • options  for  tools and techniques

  • references to kick-start ESG reporting

  • using ESG reputation and investment

Persona Confusion: Prepare, Use And Maintain

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The family use personas to get a better insight of what the locals want when submitting ideas to fix the village hall. Join them as they:

  • learn the benfits of using personas

  • build personas using various tools and techniques step by step


Scaling Confusion: Multiple Agile Teams Working Towards The Same Goal

Barry is organising a global family reunion, join the family as they learn about:

  •  Agile scaling techniques

  • the benefits of scaling Agile

  • explore Agile principles


Change Confusions: Prepare, SupportAnd Maintain

Claudia wants her family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. After she's met with resistance, she decides to try again with the use of change management models. Join the Carnsa family as they:

  • explore change models

  • prepare for resistance

  • and maintain change


Kanban Confusion. An Introduction to Context And Use

The garden of the Carnsa family is a mess and needs sorting out. Join the family as they learn to use Kanban to:

  • break down the process

  • visualise the 'end to end' workflow in one view

  • dentify the best approach to achieve success

  •  fix issues as they arise


BDD Confusion: Using Behaviour Driven Development For Acceptance Criteria

Join the Carnsa family as they create a family smoothie and learn to:

  • write effective acceptance tests criteria

  • understand the link between BDD and automated testing

  • tools to use and prepare 'gherkins' (the BDD format)


Agile Confusion: Understanding And Applying The Basics

After a course on Agile for business analysts Claudia wants a deeper understanding. The family agree to try 'Agile' out to arrange Bob's birthday party. Join the family as they explore:

  • typical Agile roles and ceremonies

  • estimation techniques

  • prortisation techniques

  • how to deal with non-ideal situations e.g. last minute changes


Model Confusion: The Use of Models To Support Analysis In Projects

After a mix up over the term 'modelling', Claudia finds herself at her son's 'show and tell' to talk about her modelling career at her son's school. The family learn how to:

  • try out different models

  • identify the right model to use at the right time for a project

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