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Childrens Books

Beautifully illustrated picture books designed for readers two years and up or for anyone who enjoys a short story.

Jax and Sheba get Messy


A short picture book of friendship with the theme that it's OK to sometimes take a break.

Haley and Comet stay at home


Paid version of free eBook for Amazon.
A picture book for children to understand actions to keep safe in a pandemic

Jax and Sheba Make Lunch


What happens when there are not enough ingredients to make lunch!

This book's theme is working as a team and that it's OK  to change plans when the unexpected happens.


O que acontece quando não há ingredientes suficientes para fazer o almoço!

O tema deste livro é trabalhar em equipe e que não há problema em mudar planos quando o inesperado acontece.

Haley and Comet learn about Kanban


Haley and Comet are confused. Big brother Bob has won the prize to finish the most chores yet again! Then they find out his secret is Kanban. Join the twins as they discover its' power to organise and plan. 
A fun ‘how to’ learning story for six years old and up!

Haley and Comet learn about COVID - 19


A short picture book for children to understand actions to keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

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