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Technical and business guide books

Semi-fictional stories to learn subjects in about an hour by Chris Lewis. Inside, find scenarios from the Carnsa family led by Claudia, a quiz and resources to help continue your learning journey.

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Scaling Confusion: Multiple Agile Teams Working Towards The Same Goal

Barry is organising the Carnsa global family reunion.  His wife Claudia persuades him that this is a great opportunity to use Agile at scale to support coordination, collaboration and delivery.

Use this book to help you:

  •  Understand some of the considerations when scaling Agile

  • Understand the reasoning behind some Agile scaling techniques

  • The benefits of scaling Agile

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Persona Confusion: Prepare, Use And Maintain

The Carnsa family use personas to help capture ideas to rebuild the damaged village hall. Join the family as they try out some tools and techniques to build a persona.

Use this book to help you:

  •  Understand how personas can be used to understand your target audience better

  • Explore some tools and techniques to create a persona

  • Explore steps to create a persona

Kanban Confusion: An Introduction to Context And Use

The garden of the Carnsa family is a mess and could do with a lot of attention. That's why Claudia decides to use the visual planning tool Kanban to get the whole family involved and keep them on track. Kanban is used to break down the process and visualise the 'end to end' workflow in one view. The family use it to identify the best approach to achieve success and to fix issues as they arise. Use this book to try and help you:

  • Understand the basics of Kanban and how it can help you:

  • Why it helps boost productivity

  • What the difference is between Kanban boards and Scrum boards

  • Who can benefit from using Kanban?

Change Cinfusion: Prepare, Support And Maintain

Claudia wants her family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. After she's met with resistance, she decides to try again with the use of change management models. She wants to support change that lasts. Granny is not too sure about the approach. Use this quick reference guide to help you:

  • Decide which change model to use

  • Support change

  • Prepare for resistance

  • And maintain change

picture of book cover model confusion

Model Confusion: The Use of Models to Support Analysis in Projects

Focused on models used in projects to support analysis and communication.
After a mix up over the term 'modelling', Claudia, needs to come up with an explanation  of the type of modelling  she does that is suitable for a group of young school children. Granny is concerned about the content, and level of interest. She does not like the thought of an embarrassed grandson. This book is chock-full of information, references, links, and a quiz to help you:

  • Work effectively with BA's

  • Identify the right model at the right time for a project


Agile Confusion: A Quick Understanding of the Basics and Application

The Carnsa family embark on their first Agile project, taking on the typical Agile roles and ceremonies. Understand how they deal with non-ideal situations on their Agile project journey. Granny, a retired business woman, has no problem voicing her opinion when she encounters some of the concepts that she does not like. Why not join the Carnsa family in an exploration of the subject of Agile?


User Story Confusion: Creating and Breaking Them Down

This story covers the awkward situation of ignoring user stories that cannot be made small enough to fit into a sprint. Perhaps the Carnsa family experience can help you too?

Bob, the suspiciously bright son and schoolboy in the Carnsa family, is upset he can't break down user stories into smaller ones. He is too embarrassed to admit it to his mother so enlists his granny to help him discreetly. Granny will do whatever she can to help her grandson understand the concepts.


BDD Confusion: Using Behaviour driven development for acceptance criteria

Explore how BDD can be used to write effective acceptance criteria and support requirements. The story also includes a brief look at Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI) to support test automation.

This book might be able to help you or your team with:

  • Difficulty writing effective acceptance tests to support requirements?

  • Not sure about the link between BDD and automated testing?

  • Want to understand the ideal mindset to use and prepare 'gherkins'?

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